Our company, Tolnatext Bt. celebrated the 110th anniversary of its foundation in 2010. This long period obliges and encourages us to continue building this enterprise of great past and outstanding traditions and keep it operating for many more years!

  Pál Bezerédj, a landowner in Tolna County, started the construction of the Tolna Silk Mill as the property of the Hungarian State. The main business of the company was the manufacturing of natural silk yarn. Silk manufacturing continued with some interruptions until 1970. From the 70’s the manufacturing of silk yarn gradually decreased and was finally completely stopped. Simultaneously the company started processing synthetic yarn which involved the texturing, dyeing, twisting and coning of purchased raw polyamide but mainly polyester fibres.
  As a consequence of the changes in demand and the market, the decision to manufacturing technical textiles was made in the middle of the 70’s and production began quite soon after.
  After the political transformation the company was turned into an independent corporation under the name of Tolnatext Fonalfeldolgozó és Műszakiszövet-gyártó Kft (Tolnatext Yarn Processing and Heavy Fabric Manufacturing Ltd ). During privatisation which followed the political transformation, Dr. Günther Kast GmbH & Co. KG, a German family business became the 100% owner of Tolnatext Kft. on 1st July, 1995. This situation has not changed since then.


   The company was turned into a Limited Partnership (Bt.) in 2000. The current business of Tolnatext Bt. is mainly the manufacturing of a variety of technical glass fibre textiles. Our machine pool, consisting of various machinery, makes it possible to manufacture textiles of several weave types, width, reel length, to apply special logos and to produce textiles with many other parameters. We possess state-of-the-art weaving and knitting machines therefore we can also satisfy any unique requirements our partners might have.
  Our glass-grid fabrics are widely used in the construction industry whether building facades or for reinforcing asphalt roads and concrete. Our roving fabrics are primarily used for manufacturing composite materials; while the fabrics combined with special copper fibre or carbon fibre form the raw material for advanced heating panels or heating foils!
Tolnatext also produce fabrics for industrial use which we recommend for the manufacturing of belts, conveyor belts, or high pressure oil hoses.

  Grout cover strips, glass fibre wallpaper or colour fleece and cover felt are supplementary products at our company – these are preferred in dry construction.

  We sell our products mainly in Europe but also to some markets outside Europe. We are also very proud of our success in the domestic market.

Please contact us with confidence; we are at your disposal if you have any questions!

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