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Production from various glass roving types 34tex to 9.600tex, assembled, textured. Available in the weave patterns Canvas/Panama/cross twill/Atlas – Unidirectional (possible with reinforcements in warp- or weft direction) – Bidirectional

In widths from 6, 5 cm to 330 cm
In weights from 160 g/m² to 1.500 g/m²
As tapes in widths from 2 cm to 60 cm and weights from 300 g/m² to 800 g/m².
300 bis 800 g/m².


Canvas weave:
The simplest fabric weave. Easy to handle due to good dimensional stability and slip resistance of the fabric.

Panama weave:
Reinforced canvas weave. In comparison to canvas, such a fabric is even more pliant for the processing.

Twill weave:
Diagonal weave type with very good mechanic stability of the fabric. It is characterized by good soaking features and flexibility during processing and laminating.

The fabric of this weave type is dimensionally stable during punching / cutting – does not tend to fray.

Roving fabric

approx 280 g/m2

approx 330 g/m2



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