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Tolnatext Geotextile Grid is an innovative product, which is used to reinforce asphalt layers. It is a grid structure made of glass fibres as a supporting element, which can absorb external forces.

Tolnatext- Geotextile Grid is - depending on the field of application – available in various constructions and material combinations. Possible fields of application are:

•   Against reflection cracks from the existing superstructure into a new
    asphalt surface
•   To avoid vertical cracks due to shrinking during very cold temperatures
•   Against destructions by cracks (utility trenches)
•   Against destructions by uneven subsurface conditions or pavement
•   For subsequent placement of a newly built road construction of a
    traffic lane enlargement
•   Over joints at smooth surfaces
•   At road joints (bridges/streets)
•   When cracks in high traffic areas can occur

Tolnatext-Geotextile grids provide safety due to our internal quality management and production control. It is inspected by a notified department as well as an ISO 9001-certificated laboratory.

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