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Tolnatext-AR- glass scrims are manufactured from alkali-resistant direct rovings. These direct rovings consist of directly drawn AR-glass fibre (Alkali-resistant sodium zirconium silicate glass with a zirconium oxide concentration (ZrO2) ≥ 16%). The direct rovings are tested internally and in a certified test laboratory.

Tolnatext-AR-glass scrims are perfectly suitable for industrial productions, they do not rust and corrode in cement-based surroundings.

Tolnatext-AR-glass scrims show long-lasting consistency in acid and basic mediums. Due to the formation of all fibre strands in right-angled direction, AR glass scrims are dimensionally stable. Mutual developments are matched with the respective matrix.

Tolnatext-AR glass scrims can – on request – also be manufactured in customer’s colour and with a logo print.

Due to our manifold possibilities to produce according to the specifications of our customers, we are able to supply individual products, made to suit the requirements.

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